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I love that all art, each creative act, tells a story. That’s true of my art too; so here’s the story behind me and mine: Emma Ruth…


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and 

the earth.”


Those are the opening words of the Bible and tell us that we live in a created world, made by a creator God.  I love creating art using God’s words from the Bible, because these words of truth are the foundation of everything, gave me life and give me fulfilment.


If you like my creativity, let me encourage you to take a look outside - God’s is so much better! The variety of plants, trees, and flowers, the grandeur of the mountain ranges and the delicate details of butterflies – for me, all topped off by the simple yet stunning beauty of the sunset.


I really do hope and pray that God’s word encourages you, blesses you and challenges you and those you share it with.


God Bless x

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